Mario Mans German Whip

by DiGi Valentine

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It's Mario. In Mario Kart. And he's driving a Mercedes Benz. It made perfect sense to make a parody remix of Meridian Dan's track German Whip.

A big BIG thank you to Jordan Etienne (a.k.a W!SE the all.E) for helping me out with getting this track ready and for all the additions he added to the song. This dude is a genius, i swear.
Thanks to Barios Savvides for giving me the idea to do this parody in the first place.
Thanks to anybody and everybody who enjoyed this parody, i know Grime is not something i normally cover since i tend to record a lot of old skool throw-back 1990's hiphop tracks but i REALLY loved writing for this song. Maybe i'll attempt another nerdy video-game Grime tune again in the future.


Mario- "Hey, it's a me-a, Mario ...bitch!"

It's the German Whip parody remix
Please support the official release.
Shout out Meridian Dan
Shout out Nintendo
Shout out the whole video games industry.

Chorus x2:
Mario driving a German whip
Hit the corner, see me drifting
Mario driving a German whip
Who's a pauper? See me shifting
You man's get lapped 'cause i don't chat crap
Mario's driving a German whip
Red M on hat, man move like that
Mario's driving a German whip

Verse 1:
See Mario driving a German whip
Rolling through the Mushroom Kingdom
Yoshi's wanna teef my rims
But Birdo can't lift 'em
Wario thinking he cruising flash
But Wario spend more time in crash
I sit back, brush my moustache
Cause Wario man be full of gas.
Lick shots in a race,
if boy moves slow lick shots at his face
Bust green and red shells,
you can tell me how last place taste.
And if you're leading the pack
Mario Man not needing that
So Mario Man ring off one blue shell
Now you can see my whip from the back


Verse 2:
See a fat plumber in a German whip
Man got it made, man not kidding
You man's are still pushing go-karts,
i drop one banana, you man's are slipping.
Windows are black
Got Peach butt naked sitting in the back
And i'ma nibble on that
Become Big M and hit it like Little Mac.
Naught to sixty in naught point three
I bust a mushroom and pass as ya face gets breeze
Don't try and catch me, please
You can eat my dust as i bun these leaves
Bowser mad, Bowser angry
Bowser switch, Bowser attack me
Bowser chases, Bowser stupid,
I win races and Bowser loses


Sonic- "Oi, Tails, Tails, slow down."
Tails- "What, what?"
Sonic- "Look at his whip, look at his whip, look at his whip!"
Tails- "Ha ha ha ha!"
Sonic- "Oi, Big M! Oi, what happened to your German whip, blad?
What happened to your German WHIP!?"


released June 1, 2014
This is a parody remix of the song 'German Whip' by UK artist Meridian Dan.
This parody song is for non-profit only and no money is being made from this remix.
Please support the official release by Meridian Dan.

Original lyrics written and performed by Meridian Dan, BiG H and JME
Original song composed and produced by Jamie Adenuga, Adrian Harris, Kofi Kouassi and Lawrence London
Parody vocals written and performed by DiGi Valentine
Mix and Mastering by W!SE the all.E

The instrumental cover of 'German Whip' used in this parody remix was supplied by




DiGi Valentine UK

DiGi is a nerdcore rapper from North London, UK.
Valentine (a.k.a the Bunny Man) is the alter-ego persona he portrays himself as online.
He is influenced by different elements of HipHop culture and is inspired by Video Games, Comic Books and Cartoons.
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