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Nocturnal Children (Midnight Runners)

by DiGi Valentine

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A song for those of us who are drawn to the nocturnal hours seeking adventure, exploration or inspiration. If that's not you then chances are you will at least have had a moment in your life where you gazed up at the night sky and admired what was on display. ~



Take a walk with me.
Take a walk with me.
Take a walk, take a walk,
Nod ya head now! (Hah!)
Yeah. This one's going out to all the nocturnal children.
All my midnight runners. Put ya hands up.
Yeah, and nod ya head now.
Yeah, nod ya head now.
Come on, come on.

-Verse 1-
I'll take you there so you can see it with your own eyes
A marvellous parcel of wonder beyond our own skies.
Look high, star lights, see them float by
Give it a moment, it will sink in in it's own time.
You hear the sample on this track
And while you're free to think of summer days as you drift back
I want to bring that alternative point of view.
The flip on the day, night time is what I am showing you.
Early AM, clocking on the view from the window
Got my shoes on, open the front door and let's go.
Steady stepping over pavements as a brisk air swings through.
Catch a unique vibe that only night can bring you.
I sing to a tune that plays over my headphone
As I gaze up at the stars I don't feel to head home.
It's nice out here, I like the vibe out here
At this hour I feel power of the night like 'YEAH!!'

Nocturnal children
The midnight runners
Come take a walk with me
Nod ya head
Nocturnal children
To all the midnight runners
Come take a walk with me

-Verse 2-
Pupils dilating, taking in the light I'm bathed in
As I'm gazing at the skyscape, the object captivating.
Fascinating, by it's aura I'm absolutely taken,
by this natural satellite that's kept in place by gravitation.
The moon illuminating through a veil of thin cloud
Upon our little planet as it silently spins 'round.
Proud I am to witness such esteemed grandeur
As it hangs above our heads like a dream catcher.
And beyond that, yo, what can one see
if not the universe in which sits our own galaxy.
The day shines the sun for which we all can adore
But night time opens the gates of worlds to explore.
A glittering display of the whole painting
And we are but a speck within the whole framing.
See for yourself, look up at the night.
That's the whole universe within your eye sight.


-Verse 3-
Street lights zip by like shooting stars
Midnight running as I'm cruising passed.
Thinking back to times where I used to dance
With people in whatever endz that I cruised in last.
Get reflective like the street lamps mirror image
the universe and all the stars that are within it.
Think of distant dreams with a recall
And wish for them upon the stars that fall.
This one is for you if you are the one vibing
with the very same scenes that I am describing.
Moonlit backdrop incredibly inviting.
The witching hours can be the ones most exciting.
Providing you with a kinda groove to be chilled
and if something's trying you what I would do is rebuild.
But if it ain't broke, yo, then don't fix it.
Now all my midnight runners let's kick it,
come on!



released January 14, 2015

Lyrics written and performed by DiGi Valentine
Original Beat Production and Arrangement by Chris Wheeler - www.youtube.com/user/mcjjwheeler1
Vocal Mixing, Mastering and Additional Production by W!SE the all.E
Artwork by Ketrin - ketrindarkdragon.deviantart.com

This song contains a sample from 'Summer Madness' by Kool & The Gang.


all rights reserved



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