Music For Your Mako

by DiGi Valentine

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Welcome to ‘Music For Your Mako’.
This EP contains a small handful of songs written from the perspective of my characters in the Mass Effect universe and portrays what they experienced throughout their story. It also sticks to certain types of HipHop vibes that one might drive to.
I miss the Mako though, for real. They should bring that thing back.
Recorded during the Summer of 2012 at Select Recording Studios in North London, 'Music For Your Mako' was set to release later that same year but found itself caught in a delay and sat in hibernation on my computer instead.
Not wanting to sleep on it any longer I have decided to release it now.


released July 9, 2014

All song lyrics written and performed by DiGi Valentine.
All songs recorded, mixed and mastered at

The instrumentals used in the songs "Driving My Mako", "The Ones Left Behind" and "Quarian Girl" were produced by The Cratez at and have been purchased on an exclusive license.
The instrumental used in the song "Di'Ji vas Valen" was produced by and has been purchased on an exclusive license.

Artwork for the songs "Quarian Girl", "Di'Ji vas Valen" and the image used for "Driving My Mako" were drawn by Meiphon from



all rights reserved


DiGi Valentine UK

DiGi is a nerdcore rapper from North London, UK.
Valentine (a.k.a the Bunny Man) is the alter-ego persona he portrays himself as online.
He is influenced by different elements of HipHop culture and is inspired by Video Games, Comic Books and Cartoons.
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Track Name: Intro and the Infiltrator
DiGi: Yo, I'm DiGi Valentine and through out this mini EP I will be playing the role of Commander Valentine Shepard, who has been my main character through the Mass Effect series. Through me shall I reflect a small handful of his experiences in the form of rap.

Di'Ji: And I am Di'Ji vas Valen, Quarian Infiltrator and exceptional bad ass. This EP has been slapped with a parental guidance and spoiler alerts.. just because.. you know

DiGi: ...sorry, erm ...what?

Di'Ji: What? What you do you mean 'what'? It's got spoilers.

DiGi: No, no i don't mean that. What are you doing here?

Di'Ji: I'm on the album.

DiGi: No you're not. You're my multiplayer character.

Di'Ji: What do you mean i'm not? Why?

DiGi: 'Cause ...i'm taking the role of Valentine Shepard and ...not you. How are you even here right now?

Di'Ji: Oh. So it's like that, huh? You can't get enough lyrical material from me? Alright, mate, you watch, huh. Remember, Quarian Infiltrator, you watch what i'm going to do. Man, i'ma bust a claymore shotgun in your face. Bosh'tet!

DiGi: Yeah, aight whatever. Anyways, ladies and gents, on with the show.

Di'Ji: Argh, my suit!
Track Name: Driving My Mako
Right about now, you're listening to me.
Commander Valentine Shepard. It's all good baby, baby!
Tell the Reapers they can invade later, man. I'm chilling right now.
I'm about to take some time out to cruise the galaxy and i'm bringing you with me.
So fire up the Mako! Open the hanger doors.
Normandy Crew, roll out.

-Verse 1-
Haters gonna hate! What, because mine is bigger?
They're dissing my whip but I just can't figure.
You got hydraulics on that Impala?
Well, we got jump jets and therefore bounce much harder.
Don't talk to me about 4 by 4's
My ride is rolling with two more than yours.
All these bling-bling rappers wanna drive Lamborghini's
but won't make it up an incline of three degrees.
In truth, they're just jelly. Hanar.
Because this one has every right to brag about his damn car.
Drive-bys, no, that's a desperate action
We're packing 155mm mass accelerator cannon.
Haters are addressed, debate closed.
Now pick a destination and let's roll
So open up the galaxy map, kid
Let's call it a road trip that's a little bit, uh, intergalactic.

Drive out of the cargo hold and
Touch down with six wheels rolling
Don't really know where we're going
But I'm driving my Mako, yeah!
And whatever planet we will cruise through
This will be the tune we cruise to
We can go wherever we choose to
When driving my Mako.

-Verse 2-
Set the course, Joker. Make it so, my son.
I got a couple of planets that I need to roll upon.
First stop, we dropping in on top of Solcrum
Bring your first dates here if you really want to get to know 'em.
Speaking of which, after departure
we gotta swing by Feros. What up, Shiala?
Green Asari mami, been a while, I know.
How about we go shoot some Geth up on the sky-road?
Approaching Rannoch in the Tikkun system
You can hear us coming if you carefully listen
Dropping beats louder than meteor hail
We're blasting big rhythms from within the Perseus Veil
Noveria, tell that stern bitch Stirling
she don't like me she can sit, spin and keep on twirling.
Who wants a quick history lesson?
Let's swing by Ilos and see wah gwan, bredrin!


-Verse 3-
Rolling with the convoy down on Tuchanka
Tomkah behind me driven by Wrex, my Krogan brother.
Up ahead we got a Hammerhead
Consider it a miracle that Grunt has not damaged it yet.
Illium, we're feeling some of the high life and
When I drive by, man, the Volus are like "damn.
I want one of those tanks."
You lack sufficient credits in every single one of your banks.
Take a trip through the ghetto, say hello to Omega
We gotta pass by Afterlife a little later
Citadel's C-Sec wanna bust me? Haters.
I park where I like. Spectre status.
Garrus in the back, feet up, chilled.
Tali on my left arm, my right hand on the wheel.
May the spirits bless the ground upon which we roll
Now turn the volume up. Keelah se'lai, let's go.


Yeah, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. I see you, baby.
I'ma build you that house and we're gonna park this bad boy Mako right on the drive way.
Track Name: The Ones Left Behind
Yo, this one goes out to all our friends and family we lost along the way here.
To all of our comrades on the memorial walls...
And to everybody beyond them.

Whether we're Paragon or Renegade
Not everybody is going to be saved
Easy to say no one gets left behind
But that's just another promise lost to time

-Verse 1-
Mordin Solus, not one to strive towards dreams
But to study ins, outs and all the in-betweens,
To live life exactly as it seems
The philosophy where the ends justify the means.
He knew the Salarian downside
Life was short and thus never slowed down life
Time was the enemy, emotions a distraction
Cloud his actions if he based life around 'em.
Doc, we didn't always see eye to eye
But without you this crew would have never made it by.
And even though you supported the Genophage
With the passing of time you seen times had changed.
Gave your life to set things right
To the top of the Shard, one last elevator ride.
Bid you farewell, so long.
Had to be you, someone else would have gotten it wrong.


-Verse 2-
Green's my favourite colour
And this guy was like my brother
so as homage to the Drell I wore green N7 Armour
Visit the Citadel and speak to Kolyat about his father.
Let him know his dad was a good man despite the things he did
All he had was memory blips of seeing his kid.
The gift and the curse of these mere Drell
To recall moments of pure bliss and sheer hell.
Thane, your room on the Normandy is empty now
I let no one in there, it's sacred ground.
Nobody was as swift as you, my friend
Don't worry, I took care of that bitch Kai Leng.
For the times we ran together
to our simple conversations based on getting to understanding you better
You'll be missed.
We'll all see you in the next life after we're done with this.


-Verse 3-
Does a Geth unit have a soul?
That was the last thing Legion wanted to know
Just like it was the earliest recorded memory file
In hindsight, the Geth were victims to Quarian denial.
A scared race who created artificial life had
decided it was best to annihilate than reply
to the question that began this whole mess
And in Legions final hour, the answer was 'yes'.
Tali confirmed it, then Legion replied
in the last few moments just before it died
Instead of 'we' it referred to itself as 'I'
Looked at Tali and said "Keelah se'lai."
He was a Geth who went beyond what he was programmed
And showed more loyalty unlike no man
You became a soul, Legion. The question ceased.
Now we pray you rest in peace.


Rest in peace to my Quarian bredrin, Kal'Reegar
I got a carbine shotgun here with your family name on it, man.
Let off a few rounds in to the sky for you.
Track Name: Quarian Girl
This is the one, man.
To the Inner Council Space,
to the Outer Council Space,
to the Earth Alliance Space,
to the Attican Traverse.
From the Terminus systems
to the whole galaxy. What's up, yo?
Let me tell you about this girl that I know.

-Verse 1-
I call it fate because in a galaxy as big as this
Bumping in to you twice is more than a coincidence
I remember where we first met. Citadel.
Fist gave you grief but we made sure we gave him hell.
Your information on Saren was the key
to get the Council to hush and maybe listen to me.
I saw something in you so I brought you along
Loaded up your shotgun, and since then it was on.
At the time with the mission on my mind
and me and Ashley seemed like we ain't two of the same kind
I spent time talking to you on a regular
Feeling your vibe but I was like "I ain't telling her!"
Though for real, legit
When I gave you that data for your pilgrimage
And you thanked me in the way you did
Keelah, all I wanted to do was make you my chick

Hey, my Quarian girl
Your man knows that you wish for your own world
Say, my Quarian girl
Won't it be nice to take back your home world?
Yo, my Quarian girl
Your Shepard has your dreams safe from a cold world.
So my Quarian girl
Your Shepard's gonna take you back to your home world.

-Verse 2-
I died and came back. Strange that.
Finding you on Freedoms Progress at that point was a brain-slap.
Think about it. What were the chances?
I let you go once so now I'm taking second glances.
It's a small world, an even smaller galaxy
But now I got you back with me
Kasumi told me you spoke about me a lot
Wondered if I should make a move or perhaps not.
A suicide mission, that's what we were facing
If we all died would I have done right by not saying
how I felt inside? Forget that.
I didn't go through hell just to take a step back.
Went through the drama with your father and the court case
Cleared your name, eased your brain so you thought straight
Took caution due to the suit in which you're encased
You told me you'd be worth the wait.
I got you, mami.


-Verse 3-
Little miss vas Normandy
The way you talk to me got me making sure I never want to leave
Every landing party, you're there on my left
Together even in war and death.
But for our love you had belief
So we always made it through even by the skin of our teeth
And whatever may be, let the rest leave us
'Cause not a thing can come between us, no not even the Reapers.
I got your back, no distress. No regrets.
And if they're chatting breeze about us then they're nothing but bosh'tets.
It's all talk.
Air them off as we drink some Turian brandy through induction ports.
A toast with the crew, have a few laughs
then retire to my cabin just half past Mars.
My Quarian girl, for you I grasp
The galaxy, its planets, the moons and stars.
It's yours.


Yeah. From the Migrant Fleet all the way back to Rannoch.
It's all for you, baby.
Keelah se'lai
Track Name: Di'Ji vas Valen
Oh oh hooo!
Did you think you wasn't going to hear from me? Ha ha haaa!
Bosh'tets done get it twisted now.
I told you. Quarian Infiltrator, mother fucker.
I infiltrate your music like I infiltrate your womans bed, oh oooh!
Trust me.

-Verse 1-
I am Di'Ji vas Valen, as I speak you should reach for the sky
because in three seconds you're going to plead for your life!
Ufff, Never mind, you're still going to die
I'm a Quarian bad ass, Keelah se'lai!
An M-3 Predator? What you do with that?
When I'm rushing you down with rounds that make your brain splat
This is combat. I do more than rap
I'm going to get you from the other side of the map.
Lick a shot with the Mantis
Headshot, I am the baddest.
I'm so quick on the trigger that
I even got the Geth desperately trying to ass kiss.
How you going to hit what you can't see?
I got your whole squad yelling "it can't be!"
I'm telling you mother fuckers, no joke
I got invisibility cloak!

It's all about the Quarians, baby

-Verse 2-
Quarians are gutty, forget keeping it classy
Even our Civilian Fleet have guns to blast, g!
Don't act like you're something of a kamikaze
See, you're being too ambitious for a tasi.
You get upstaged and booed harshly
While I get booty calls from all of your favourite Asari
Think this suit's going to stop me? Hardly!
When it comes to being dutty don't put it past me.
I role with an Army that solely consists
of my entire race all based on one line of ships.
You fly Kodiak? How nice, that's neat
But I do drive by with my complete Migrant Fleet.
So you call this beef then I'ma get old skool
And make you feel every inch of this fucking omni-tool.
You'll be out of here so fast
It's like we strapped an FTL drive to your ass!


-Verse 3-
I got links to Turian Armada
Volus merchants give me everything free when I barter
I'm so connected I'm the Shadow Brokers master
Hey Liara, that Asari's your father!!
When I step on Omega, Aria T'loak
bows to me and offers to hold my coat.
And her Batarian goon gives me things to repair.
What the hell you think I am, a fucking Engineer?
Citadel government, boring 'em
The Council chat shit, that's why we ignoring 'em
We create Geth to fuck with everybody's decorum
Hacking your boards if only just to troll your forum.
Sly moves, we imploring 'em
We run the show. Stage, chairs, the whole auditorium
Scavengers. Teefing drinks from all of your emporiums
Di'Ji vas Valen, it's all about the Quarians! Whaa-!


Di'Ji: "Ok, alright. I'm shutting up, I'm going home now."
DiGi: "You haven't been home for the last 300 years."
Di'Ji: "Oooh shit, I forgot to notify the postman. Chapa lekom mekarah!"